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Ice Breaker Chimney Cap Damper

Traditional chimney dampers are known to be inefficient because they do not seal properly or are missing/broken. The huge heat loss through the chimney is costing you hundreds of dollars every year. The Ice Breaker chimney cap is a sturdy, reliable, rugged and easy to install stainless steel cap. The damper seals the top of the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. This prevents heat loss through the chimney. This single flue chimney cap is made with all 304 stainless steel. It comes with a 32 foot stainless steel cable, 3 feet of stainless steel cable guard which protects the cable at the flue onset and 10.5 oz tube of RTV clear 100% silicone. There are 2 springs on the inside of the cap lid and are protected from the heat by the damper plate. The cap comes with 2 springs as a safety precaution. The damper needs only 1 spring to open. The lid comes off for easy cleaning. The Ice Breaker chimney cap comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

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Ice Breaker Chimney Cap Damper